4G LTE stands for 4th Generation Long-Term Evolution, a wireless communications standard developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). For many years now, customer needs in terms of creating and sharing online information have been significantly increasing. This motivated researchers 3GPP and others to work hard in order to increase user experience. As result, 4G LTE was approved as a new cellular/mobile network technology that greatly improved the download and upload speed. Compared to other existing mobile technologies commonly called 2G and 3G, 4G LTEcan support up to ten times higher date throughout the maximum speed of 150 Megabits per second (Mbps). This gives customers more options for creating and enjoying better user experiences for online gaming, banking, socializing, shopping and watching videos as well as online High Definition TV.

4th Generation Long Term Evolution

4G LTE technology will create possibilities for all kinds of innovative devices and applications. We expect LTE to usher in a completely new broadband era that will open up new opportunities to improve your business. Take advantage of LTE's capabilities to benefit from:

Whether you're creating a network from scratch, or need to augment or replace your existing wire line links, broadband wireless access is the most reliable and cost-effective, high-speed data networking alternative you should know more about.

Faster download and upload speeds
Significantly lower latency (time delay) for fast, real-time connections
A consistent wireless environment where we build our 4G LTE network
A network designed to handle demanding data loads
A reliable, consistent data connection, so you can access the data-intensive applications, services
and information your organization needs for enhanced business performance.

Why 4G LTE (4th Generation Long Term Evolution)?
4G LTE is the only commercially viable technology which can support mobile data traffic explosion along with the rapid penetration of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc)